Jessie Gac New Letter

Hi, praying friends.

The last few months have been very eventful, but here’s the biggest news: next school year, I’ll have a different job here at Rosslyn Academy! The official title is “Director of Curriculum, Accreditation, and Professional Development,” which is a mouthful. Sometimes I feel like it should be called “The Job Jessie’s Created To Do Which Is Still Way Beyond Her Capabilities.” Not shorter, but definitely more descriptive! It’s a new K-12 administrative position, the brainchild of our interim-turned-permanent superintendent. I’ll work on developing Rosslyn’s curriculum, make sure we’re doing what needs to be done so we maintain our US accreditation, and work with the teaching staff so they can share their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and be better trained and hopefully more satisfied. Oh, and I’ll still be teaching 1 math class- I don’t think I’d know quite what to do with myself otherwise…

So as you can tell, it’s really several jobs, but I’m excited about it! After 11 years of teaching middle school math, I was ready for something different, and it’s amazing how this change has inspired me to think new thoughts, pray new prayers, and generally be enthusiastic about staying in Kenya. It’s also interesting to see how God structured the past 6 months or so to get me ready for this- opening the door towards administration, then closing the principal job, then opening an even better opportunity, one which I probably wouldn’t have even considered had it not been for the ups and downs of the principalship road. So I’m grateful that, while the process was painful, it has had a good outcome.

Of course, being me, I still overthink everything and ponder, “Am I still a missionary? What does that even mean? Does this new job “count”? Why should I write prayer letters? Did people know this was what they were signing up for when they sent me out from Crossroads 4 years ago?” I guess my conclusion is this: God has opened this door, just as He did for me to come to Rosslyn. I am still working in support of the global Church, using the gifts and skills God has given me. Missions is changing, as well it should, and it’s right to reconsider our roles in international settings. But I’m certain that this is where God has me right now, and I praise Him for it. I’d love to discuss these issues more with you if you’d like.

In other news, we’ve hired lots of staff for next year, and we’re saying goodbye to many good friends. I spent spring break climbing Mt. Kenya, and I’m excited about spending Easter weekend playing frisbee at the coast. I was shaken by recent events in Japan but praise God that friends are safe and sound, and that God continues to use difficult circumstances for His purposes. And finally, I’m looking forward to summertime visits from friends and to sinking my teeth into the new job.

So, please join me in thanking God for…

1) The new job, which has renewed my desire to stay, where I’ve seen God come through yet again

2) A successful inservice time that I was responsible for last month

3) Continued positive church involvement here at Karura Community Chapel

4) A safe and beautiful Mt. Kenya climb

5) Provision of strong teachers to fill many positions at Rosslyn next year (16 hired so far!)

And join me in asking God for…

1) Good boundaries in my new job- since there are so many things to learn and do, I could easily (and stupidly) work all the time.

2) Interpersonal wisdom in my new job- I’ll often be asking people to do new things and make changes. I need God’s favor as I navigate motivating adults instead of 12 year olds. =)

3) Growth in the prayer ministry at Karura, my primary area of involvement right now.

4) One more teacher for Rosslyn- we need a high school science instructor for the biology and conceptual physics courses. Know anyone you’d recommend?

5) A new car at the right time and the right price- while my clunker is charming, I should probably buy a more reliable vehicle since I’ll be here a while. =)

Thanks for praying. I’d love to hear updates from you as well!


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