Jessie Gac’s – September News Letter

Hello, all.

This’ll be a quick and focused:  next week is Rosslyn’s secondary Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW).  We bring in a speaker, alter class schedules for a week, and have chapel and small groups every day.  This year our speaker comes from Britain and is focusing on apologetics.  As a school, we’re also participating in a media fast, encouraging kids and staff to give up internet/movies/etc for the week in order to listen to God better.

At the same time, I’ll be temporarily leaving my cozy house to live with the Leonard girls for the week- their parents are in South Africa for John’s back surgery.  The surgery happened last Wednesday and seems to have been effective- he is no longer experiencing the nerve pain that was literally crippling him.  Hopefully he’ll be back to teaching high school English soon, and his wife Glenda can resume teaching 4th grade.  They still have some recovery time before they can fly, though, so I’ll live with Anisa and Karen for the week.  I’ve spent lots of time with middle school girls, of course, but never as their only caretaker.
Join me in thanking God for…

  1. Spiritual Emphasis week- that Rosslyn takes time during the school year to focus on spiritual growth.
  2. my small group of 8th grade girls that I’ll get to meet with every day this week
  3. the opportunity to fast and focus as a school
  4. John’s successful surgery
  5. the opportunity to love and take care of Karen and Anisa

And join me in praying for…

  1. Spiritual growth during SEW and beyond
  2. Great group dynamics and sensitivity to the Spirit during chapel and small groups
  3. the speaker- that he would be clear, engaging, connect with our kids, and follow God well
  4. continued recovery for John after surgery
  5. wisdom and energy as I live with the Leonard girls


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