Billy Heurta

Guillermo (Billy) Huerta, is a missionary and national pastor in Mexico. He has been in ministry in Galeana and Nuevo Leon, Mexico for thirty years and is associated with La Puente, (the bridge). He and his wife, Rosa, have two children, Jahaziel and Lois-Angelica. Billy was a pastor of a church for fifteen years. Now he focuses on equipping village pastors in surrounding villages and filling in as pastor when needed. Billy helps provide resources in an area of Mexico that is quite poor. He provides knowledge in helping the pastors minister, preach, and evangelize in the villages, showing videos.

In the summer of 2000, Billy hosted Crossroads’ Youth Group Mission Trip to Galeana. The youth endured a long car trip to Galeana, an eight hour wait at the border to locate missing paperwork, stayed in an orphanage, led vacation Bible schools at the orphanage and area villages and helped with evangelistic outreaches showing videos in the villages. The Crossroads’ youth enjoyed playing soccer and interacting with the Mexican youth, were sobered by children with no families, and experienced life in a foreign culture where the people are very poor materially, but rich in spirit as they worshipped the Lord together.

Billy was also the featured missionary for Backyard Bible Clubs one summer, and visited the various clubs around Los Alamos. The offerings each club received that summer went to Billy’s ministry.

Several years ago, Crossroads found a newer pickup truck for Billy to use in ministry. The villages are far apart and in remote areas. Some areas can only be reached on foot. The truck enabled Billy to continue his ministry of encouragement to the village pastors.

In summer 2010, Billy visited churches in Los Alamos and Colorado, seeking household goods to help replace items lost by families in floods last year. The families were blessed materially and financially.

Billy Huerta has been supported by Crossroads Bible Church and before that, Community Bible Church for many years.

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