Greg and Kathy Saracoff

Greg and Kathy Saracoff live in Chula Vista, CA and have two grown children, Anna and Ian. The Saracoffs are missionaries with Latin America Mission, serving in Tijuana, Mexico on Team Tijuana. Team Tijuana is an organization that helps the less fortunate and abandoned from the streets of Tijuana.

The Saracoffs mission is to show the love of God to the poor and disadvantaged in Tijuana, Mexico, by raising funds, training, mentoring and net-working. In addition they do micro business and business development in Mexico with the goal of raising the standard of living. They fight the prevailing national and international ambiance of corruption by teaching ethical excellence and hard work. They currently work with Carretas Community Center, Esperanza Rehab Center and Campamento de Fe, via U.S. hands-on help coming through Hope Without Boundaries and local California churches.

Campamento De Fe is a place where the sick can find a place to find Jesus and to get nurtured back to health. They have been ministering since 1998.

Children’s Ministries provides a better life for children. The program shares the love of our Lord and Savior with the families in need through different programs. They have a weekly Bible club so the kids can learn that God loves them. The ministry also gives the children breakfast so they can start the day and go to school on a full stomach.

La Esperanza Rehabilitation Center started out as a small mission in Tijuana, Mexico in 1980 as a faith base operation and since then has grown to have ten rehabilitations centers in different cities of Mexico. The purpose of Esperanza can be resuming in its name itself (Hope). The main focus is to reach those men that are bound by the addiction to drugs and alcohol and the life of crime.

If you would like to know more about the Saracoffs and their ministry through Team Tijuana, go to their website at If you would like to know more about Latin America Mission, go to

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