Missions Conference


“Our Supreme purpose is to glorify God. Our supreme ‘task’ is to evangelize the lost. In the truest sense, the latter most faithfully fulfills the former. To evangelize the lost glorifies God on the highest level.” (Dick Eastman, The Hour that Changes the World).

Each year Crossroads Bible Church celebrates missions by sponsoring a Missions Conference. The conference is scheduled around the arrival of visiting C&MA missionaries. The three to five day period is full of activities focused on missions and includes, times of prayer, worship, presentations by our guest missionaries, times to personally meet with our guests, and celebrations like our Parade of Nations.

Goals of the Missions Conference

  • to educate church members about missions in general and C&MA missionary efforts specifically
  • to increase awareness of the needs and the opportunities to support missions
  • to celebrate what God has done through missions
  • to pray for missionaries and the international church
  • to encourage both the church and its missionaries to continue this great work despite obstacles
  • to inspire members to see God glorified through the fulfillment of The Great Commission and to play a part in it
  • to excite the church about the great work God has given us



There is so much that goes on during the Missions Conference that everyone should be able to participate in some way. Some examples of the activities involved:

  • Before the week of the conference, the auditorium is decorated with artifacts from the various nations where missions are occurring, or need to occur.
  • The Missions Conference is usually preceded by a meeting where members can fast and pray together for missions in general and our visiting guests in particular.
  • Various services are scheduled which include singing, worship, fellowship, and an opportunity for our missionary guests to present their witness of God’s handiwork in the field and their involvement in it.
  • Women’s Missionary Prayer time with our missionary guests.
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast – a time to pray for all missions, concentrating on those that CBC and its members are most active in supporting.
  • Women’s Luncheon with the missionary guest as speaker.
  • International Potluck.
  • Parade of Nations – a favorite activity at CBC. The participating children and adults form a parade around the auditorium carrying flags of all the nations that C&MA has missions in.
  • Opportunities exist throughout the conference for members to engage our missionary guests in conversation, or to ask questions personally.


What Our Guest Missionaries say about us!

The enthusiasm which CBC approaches missions and the energy that we put into our Missions Conference has led more than one of our guests to comment how encouraging it has been to them to see a church so involved in their support and the support of Christ’s given mission to reach all the world with the gospel.

What about you?

We hope that you will be drawn into the excitement and interest that CBC and the C&MA has for missions. Please pray for God’s guidance on how you can become involved in advancing His kingdom.

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