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February 18-25

Feb 18, 2018

Ladies Bible Study

Dec 13, 2017

Study starts on January 23, 2018 and ends April 24.  Cost is $20.00

Registration will run from December 31-January 14 in the foyer on Sunday mornings.

Inquiries, contact the church office, 505.662.6080.


Sep 18, 2017

More information about AWANA under the Ministries tab.

College/Young Adult Study

Sep 6, 2017

Bible BuildsUp Brotherhood on Wednesdays

Aug 1, 2017

Men’s Prayer Breakfasts

Jun 12, 2016

Liberda Family Prayer Journal

Apr 19, 2013
The long Mongolia winter is slowly coming to an end, although not without a fight. Most days spring is still losing. One could not have had a more beautiful white blanket of snow for Christmas than the one we had here in Mongolia for Easter. It may as well have been Christmas, or the Chinese new year, or any ordinary day for that matter, since Easter passes almost completely unknown and unrecognized in this land. Even in the relatively new and young Mongolian churches, it is observed not as a familiar celebration with long tradition, but as a new thing that many are still beginning to understand. If nothing else, the benefit we gain from the newness of Christianity in Mongolia is a frequent reminder that God is in the business of doing new things and making things new. At Easter we are reminded of this in a powerful way through the death and resurrection of Christ. As He was crucified and died He declared to the world “It is finished,” a declaration not of defeat but of victory. Two days later His resurrection declared to the world “It has begun.” When God finishes something, it is to make way for a new beginning. As we live and work here in Mongolia, we proclaim an end to the dominion of darkness and a new beginning through establishment of the kingdom of light. We do so through proclaiming His gospel and planting His church. We cannot fully express how thankful we are for the support of so many who provide the resources of prayer, care, giving, and sending that is required for us to continue until the work is done here. In the next paragraph of this update and in the prayer requests that follow we wish to provide a review of our life here and the ministries you are supporting as you partner with us.

After our move to Ulaanbaatar upon return to the field last August, we faced many new things in terms of defining our ministry roles and adjusting to life in the city. Now that we have been back for 8 months, our ministry roles have become clear and we have been adjusting fairly well. A new and added benefit has been finding an apartment and moving into it last month. For the first time in almost two years we are no longer nomadically moving from one place to another using the homes of others…we have our own place to settle into. It is a 1/4 mile walk from the Grain of Wheat community center that is our main location for work and ministry. On the third floor of this center are two rooms that we have developed into a counseling center for the training of church leaders in biblical counseling and providing counseling services. Each Sunday we meet in one of the large rooms on the second floor to worship with and assist the Seed of Faith Mongolian church that meets here. Every other Saturday night we meet in this same room with a group of married couples for fellowship and lessons on marriage and family. Across from the center in a nearby apartment building is an apartment that have established as a woman’s protection home for young women from abusive backgrounds. We assist with the discipleship of the four young women and overseeing the home. Meanwhile, the counseling center we established in Darhan is growing and functioning well with three Mongolian workers, which we continue to provide oversight for from here in UB. Last month a full time Mongolian coordinator/counselor/trainer, Mendee (’) was hired for our UB counseling center. Thanks to many of you who have pledged financial support to provide the salary needed to hire Mendee! She is proving to be the tremendous asset we had hoped she would be. As she takes on more and more of the work, Brent will also become more involved with church leadership training through our Church Leadership Training Center.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers!! For contact information and to learn more about our ministries and projects, visit our website at


  • We praise God for what he has done so far in this first year of our second term serving in Mongolia. As you pray for us, pray for fruitfulness and effectiveness in these ministries: biblical counseling ministries in Darhan and Ulaanbaatar, church leadership training, the Seed of Faith Mongolian church, the couple’s fellowship, and the women’s protection home.
  • Pray for our Mongolian team, that we will be one in spirit and purpose as we work together to advance Great Commission fulfilling church planting ministries in Mongolia.
  • Pray for the Mongolian church, that it will grow in health and strength.
  • Pray that our family will remain strong and fruitful, and that our children will adjust and thrive. Pray for us as parents to have wisdom to guide and nurture them.

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Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar

Spring Concert at the kids’ school – American School of Ulaanbaatar


Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar

Spring Concert at the kids’ school – American School of Ulaanbaatar

Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.

Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.

Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.

Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.

Isaiah turns 12 on March 5th.

Isaiah turns 12 on March 5th.

Mendee (on right) with her first biblical counseling trainee, Zayaa. Mendee is the new Mongolian  coordinator/counselor/trainer for our Ulaanbaatar counseling center.

Mendee (on right) with her first biblical counseling trainee, Zayaa. Mendee is the new Mongolian
coordinator/counselor/trainer for our Ulaanbaatar counseling center.

Lisa with Saihnaa, a young women Lisa worked with in Darhan in children's ministries, and continues to disciple  as she is a student in UB and a member of the Seed of Faith church.

Lisa with Saihnaa, a young women Lisa worked with in Darhan in children’s ministries, and continues to disciple
as she is a student in UB and a member of the Seed of Faith church.

Liberda Family Prayer Journal

Nov 9, 2012
(click on link)

Jessie Gac’s – September News Letter

Sep 9, 2012
Hello, all.

This’ll be a quick and focused:  next week is Rosslyn’s secondary Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW).  We bring in a speaker, alter class schedules for a week, and have chapel and small groups every day.  This year our speaker comes from Britain and is focusing on apologetics.  As a school, we’re also participating in a media fast, encouraging kids and staff to give up internet/movies/etc for the week in order to listen to God better.

At the same time, I’ll be temporarily leaving my cozy house to live with the Leonard girls for the week- their parents are in South Africa for John’s back surgery.  The surgery happened last Wednesday and seems to have been effective- he is no longer experiencing the nerve pain that was literally crippling him.  Hopefully he’ll be back to teaching high school English soon, and his wife Glenda can resume teaching 4th grade.  They still have some recovery time before they can fly, though, so I’ll live with Anisa and Karen for the week.  I’ve spent lots of time with middle school girls, of course, but never as their only caretaker.
Join me in thanking God for…

  1. Spiritual Emphasis week- that Rosslyn takes time during the school year to focus on spiritual growth.
  2. my small group of 8th grade girls that I’ll get to meet with every day this week
  3. the opportunity to fast and focus as a school
  4. John’s successful surgery
  5. the opportunity to love and take care of Karen and Anisa

And join me in praying for…

  1. Spiritual growth during SEW and beyond
  2. Great group dynamics and sensitivity to the Spirit during chapel and small groups
  3. the speaker- that he would be clear, engaging, connect with our kids, and follow God well
  4. continued recovery for John after surgery
  5. wisdom and energy as I live with the Leonard girls


Liberda – August News Letter

Aug 2, 2012
Liberda Prayer Journal – August 17, 2012

We are grateful to the Lord for His grace and provision to us these last six weeks as we traveled to New Mexico. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the prayers and support of all of you…and especially our home church in New Mexico and our C&MA leadership, who both extended great help upon our delay. We are excited to report that we are scheduled to depart on August 22nd with an arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the 24th. This puts us in-country just in time for the start date of the kids’ school, which is the 27th.

If there is one truth that has resonated with us in these past couple of months, it is that God knows best, and His plan is always perfect–even when it does not conform to our thinking and wishes. We have always known this, but have more recently been challenged to experience it in a very tangible way as our circumstances have daily reminded us of Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Knowing this makes it easier to relinquish our plans and wishes to Him, understanding also that “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines His steps” (Proverbs 16:9). Though God changed our course and reordered our steps for a time, we can see clearly how this was the better way, the higher way. We give praise to God for His amazing grace and mercy to prepare us in His time.

It is an honor for us to serve in Mongolia, and we are blessed to have the prayers and support of so many of you as we go. We look forward to further fruit from the Mongolian harvest fields as we serve together to expand His kingdom and fulfill His great commission with our team. Please continue to pray for our family and ministry through the days and weeks ahead as we make new adjustments back to life and ministry in Mongolia.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for us as we move into an apartment in Ulaanbaatar, our new city of residence for our second term in Mongolia. Our belongings are still in Darhan, so this will leave us disjointed for a time as we make this “move” upon our return.
  2. Pray for us as we step into ministries similar to those we were involved with our first term, but in a whole new context. These will primarily include teaching and leadership training and family and counseling ministries.
  3. Pray for our children as they adjust to a new school. This will be a BIG adjustment to a school in which their lessons will be in English but most of the student body is Mongolian.
  4. Pray for safe and smooth travel and flexibility with whatever might come our way as we head to the other side of the world.

As always, thanks so much for your partnership and prayers! Check out our website at its new address for additional information and specific ways to partner with us through prayer, care, finances, short terms teams, and ongoing connectedness. Our website is now at this address (.com changed to ,info):

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