AWANA Registration

AWANA @ Crossroads Bible Church Family Registration
2017 – 2018
  1. Parent Name(s):
    enter 1 or 2 parents and indicate if you are willing to help with the Awana program
    I am willing to serve
    I am willing to serve
  2. Address:
    enter the primary address for you child
  3. Phone Numbers:
    enter 1 or 2 phone numbers to best get messages about Awana

  4. Email Addresses:
    enter 1 or 2 addresses to best get messages about Awana

  5. Medical Release Form:
    Please download and complete the linked medical release form for registration

    Medical Release PDF Form
  6. Which church do you regularly attend?
  CUBBIES: Children from 4-5 with birthday by December 1 of registration year.
SPARKS: Children Kindergarten (K) through 2nd grade.
TnT: Children 3rd through 6th grade.

Registration Information: enter information to register 1 – 4 children.

Child Name(s): enter name of each child

Grade: enter school grade level for each child. (Child can register through the sixth grade.)
    ‘P’ – Preschool
    ‘K’ – Kindergarten
    ‘1-6’ – Number grade
Age: enter age of each child (Child must be 4 years old by Decemeber 1 of year registering.)

Birth Date: enter birth date for each child.

Registration fee: select registraion option for each child.
    ‘Full Year’ is for fall and spring semesters ($40.00)
    ‘Fall Only’ is for the fall semester ($20.00)
    ‘Spring Only’ is for the spring semester ($20.00)

    Note: If financial assistance is needed for AWANA registration and expenses please contact the Club Secretary, Roena Morgan, for a scholarship application.
Handbook: Each clubber should complete one handbook per year. So typically, you should select a handbook ($10.00) for each child. However, sometimes a clubber did not finish their book from the previous year, and so you might wish to wait.
If in doubt, try to take a look at your childs book from last year.

Uniform: select if you are purchasing a uniform for each child.
    Cubbies – $10.00, One size fits all, good for 2-3 years
    Sparks – $10.00, One size fits all, good for 3 years
    TnT 3rd and 4th $15.00 – T-Shirt, good for 2 years
    TnT 5th and 6th $15.00 – Jersey, good for 2 years
    No Shirt
Full Name Grade (P, K, 1-6) Age Birthdate (mm/dd/yy) Registration Fee Handbook Uniform
Make checks payable to Crossroads Bible Church. Don’t forget the medical form! Total:
  1. We need volunteers in order to have a successful year. Please check the box next to your name above if you are willing to serve. Please consider ways you can serve.

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