Christian Missionary Alliance

For over 125 years, Alliance people have been compelled by the goodness of God and the command of Jesus given through his Great Commission to go into all the earth and make disciples. The Alliance has taken this command very seriously – so seriously, in fact, that we make it a priority for our international workers to focus on the task of making disciples without the distraction of raising funds for ministry support. This is why the Great Commission Fund (GCF) was created.

At Crossroads, one of our primary means of supporting missions is giving to the Great Commission Fund.

As we give to the GCF, we help support

  • 850 international workers and their families in 61 countries
  • Creative-access workers in countries where traditional gospel workers cannot go
  • Worldwide medical ministries, including care for people with HIV/AIDS
  • Workers in ethnic and multi-ethnic communities throughout the United States
  • Church-planting efforts in the United State and around the world
  • Theological training for national church leaders

The flexibility of a central missions fund enables the Alliance to

  • Redeploy resources and personnel
  • Open new regions and fields as God directs
  • Stay on task in the pursuit of strategic objectives
  • Respond to emergencies and evacuations as crises arise

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