Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministry

Our Mission: Minister to women and giving women the opportunity to serve through prayer, fellowship, care, and spiritual enrichment.

Our Vision: Our desire is to offer every woman at Crossroads the opportunity to serve in whatever areas God has gifted them, as well as to be ministered to according to her needs.

Our Strategy: Invite – Connect – Grow – Serve

Our Culture: Grace – Caring – Generosity – Service

Our Activities:

  • Carpool – meets at the church at 1:30 pm on Friday – please sign up for it so we have a spot for you!
  • 3 room options are available:
    • 4/room ($95 pp, 2 queen beds)
    • 2/room ($130 pp, 2 queen beds)
    • 1/room ($195, 1 bed)
  • Dinner, breakfast and lunch included
  • Limited scholarships available (contact Vickie Thomson)
  • Event runs from 4 pm Friday (check-in time) till 4 pm Saturday.
  • Last date to register, and all payments due on Sunday, July 30 (Payment in full required by resort at that time.)
  • Activities: at least 16 people must sign up for activities to receive the group rates shown below.
  • Scenic Chair Rides, $6 pp, ride lift up, hike or ride down
  • Tennis, $8 pp for court fee
  • Adrenaline Rush Single Zip Line, $39+tax pp
  • 18-Course Disc Golf, requires a $6 lift ticket
  • Expect an email at a later date regarding carpools, schedule, and activities sign-up.

Sign up on Sunday mornings or email (provided below) and ask for registration form.

Questions? Email:  retreat.cwm@gmail.com

Check out the beautiful venue!  www.angelfireresort.com

    Other Opportunities:

    Stamp Ministry

    We collect used postage stamps that are processed in a retirement center in Florida, then sold to stamp dealers. The proceeds are then used to finance the production of Spanish language Sunday School literature that is used in South America by several denominations. There is a video about the ministry and there are fliers on the missions table on Sunday if you want to learn more about it. We have a group of ladies that meets quarterly to trim the envelopes left on the stamps, and sort them according to catergory. There’s usually have a box sitting on missions table to receive used stamps.

    Soup Label Ministry

    We also collect Campbell soup labels and other products by the company, and send them to the coordinator who uses the labels to acquire equipment and school supplies for the Dalat MK (missionary kid) school in Malaysia. The public schools collect soup labels, but folks don’t realize that mission schools may benefit too!  The ladies who meet to trim stamps, also trim and sort soup labels.

    Information about these ministries is available at http://www.alliancewomen.org, a branch of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Please save your used stamps and soup labels and bring them to church.


    Crossroads Women’s Ministry Leadership Team:

    CWM Coordinator: Vickie Thomson
    Bible Studies: Lee Delano
    Care Ministry: Laura Taylor
    Connections:  Christi Gac
    Corporate Events:  Jacqueline Nolen
    Hospitality: Emily Wolking
    Kitchen Coordinator: Susan Bronkhorst
    Prayer and Missions: Leilani Christensen
    Retreat and Seminar Coordinator:

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