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Welcome to AWANA

What is AWANA at Crossroads?
AWANA is a children’s ministry committed to “reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and training them to serve Him.” The mission of AWANA is to assist local families in communicating to children the good news that Jesus Christ loves them and can save them from sin. Each week children attend club where they play games, memorize Bible verses and learn lessons from the Bible. Children and youth have fun while being taught the Word of God. The acronym AWANA comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15.

What programs are available?
Cubbies: two years prior to kindergarten (4 &5 year olds)
Sparks: kindergarten through second grade
Truth & Training (T&T): third through sixth grade
Leaders in training (LIT): middle school and high school

What happens in an AWANA meeting?
AWANA at Crossroads Bible Church meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:00 pm. The meeting is energetic and filled with fellowship and spiritual growth. Each of our children’s clubs has its own unique meeting format, but in general AWANA meetings are 90 minutes long and feature three main segments: Game Time, Handbook Time and Council Time. (See LIT section for differences in programming)

  • Game Time is comprised of exciting circle games that are a popular draw for churched and unchurched children alike.
  • Council Time is a large-group setting consisting of praise and worship, Bible teaching, awards, announcements and a presentation of the gospel.
  • Handbook Time provides small-group interaction and recitation and review of Scripture that kids learned during the week. It also provides a time for friendship building and opportunities for leaders to mentor children and help them understand the Bible verses they memorize.

Questions or Comments?

Board of Directors

  • Keith Morgan (Commander): 699-1082
  • Roena Morgan (Club Secretary): 660-1265
  • Kristen Lockhart (T&T): 672-2262
  • Marcia Watts (Sparks): 672-9419
  • Gloria Long (Cubbies): 662-4342
  • Scott Vander Wiel (LIT): 662-1914
  • Crossroads Bible Church: 662-6080

Children are divided into classes by age/grade.


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