Lel Fickett

Lesley (Lel) Fickett grew up in a Christian home (Wildon Fickett’s daughter) and accepted Christ at an early age. After college she attended a Capernwray Bible school,  where she deepened her commitment to God and felt a call to missionary work. A number of years later she discovered Europe was a mission field. France was a logical place to go, as she had taken French throughout high school and college, spending her third year studying in France. She had developed a love for the country and its people.

Apart from attending Bible school, Lel received practical ministry training in her local church before she left for France. When she learned of a need in France for someone to help with women’s ministry involving evangelistic outreach, small group Bible studies and discipling, it coincided perfectly with the ministry she had been doing.

Lel was appointed to GEM (Greater Europe Mission) in 1984, and moved to France in 1985 to work with Christian Women’s Club in women’s ministry. She works with women from all over the Paris area and in her local church, helping organize and oversee evangelistic activities, women’s retreats, seminars, evangelistic Bible studies, and informal teaching and training. Lel has served with Greater Europe Mission for over 25 years.

One might ask, “Why Women’s Ministry?” Lel responded:

  • Women respond to the Gospel. They are often instrumental in bringing their husbands and children to the Lord and can be great influencers in their society.
  • Women’s ministry brings women to God and encourages them to grow in their faith and even become leaders when they have opportunities for ministry and further training.
  • Over the years, God has given me a love for women’s ministry and the experience I need to participate in building up God’s Kingdom through this avenue.

You can help Lel by praying for her on a regular basis and by supporting her financially. For more information go to: www.GEMission.org or LFickett@GEMission.com

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