Brent and Lisa Liberda

Brent Liberda became a believer in his early twenties while working as a forester in the mountains of North Idaho. His forestry career took him to the Deep South, where he was discipled in a C&MA church in Prattville, AL and first sensed God’s call to serve as a missionary. Brent made the decision to leave his forestry career and pursue the new direction of becoming a missionary.

Lisa Liberda came to faith in Christ as a teenager near her hometown in Mountain Lake Park, MD. A visiting missionary to her church one Sunday left an irreversible impression that sent her on the path to missionary service as well.

Brent and Lisa Liberda met at what is now called, Crown College of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Minnesota. Brent was completing educational requirements for missionary service, and Lisa was working as a Dean of Women plus waiting for another overseas appointment.

The Liberdas were married in August of 1997. Their missionary service together began with the Pueblo Indian nations in New Mexico. After their first anniversary, Brent and Lisa found themselves in a new place seeking to plant churches among the under evangelized people living in nineteen communities scattered across Northern New Mexico. After eight years of seeking to do all they could to proclaim the Gospel and raise up disciples and churches in the Indian Pueblos, Brent and Lisa began to sense an end to their Pueblo ministry and a new direction. They were reinstated as missionary candidates with the C&MA for overseas service. After being confirmed for missionary service and they were appointed to Mongolia.

While waiting for departure for Mongolia, the Liberdas served in a “home service” type ministry at Crossroads Bible Church in Los Alamos, NM. Brent served as the missions’ coordinator and offered Biblically-based counseling on staff at Crossroads. Lisa served as Women’s Ministry Coordinator, and helped shape and mold that ministry.

In July 2007, the Liberdas began their missionary service in Darhan, Mongolia, along with their children, Malachi, Isaiah, Levi and Miriam. The first couple of years were spent in language study. After completion of language study, Brent and Lisa have been working to establish biblical counseling ministries and services in the Mongolian churches and communities plus helping to train and mentor church leaders through the Christian Leadership Training Center (CLTC).

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