Salt Shaker Dinners

Salt Shaker dinners are sponsored by our Women’s Ministries for the simple purpose of promoting fellowship. From autumn to spring, groups come together once a month, usually on Sunday evening, for a communal dinner. A sign-up sheet is left in the church foyer for about a month to collect names of participants and dinner-host volunteers. Then monthly dinner parties are planned in a way that balances the hosts’ responsibilities evenly and guarantees that everyone has the greatest chance of meeting new faces every month. Schedules with contact information are printed and distributed to every participant on the list.

The only agenda for these dinners is to meet new people and strengthen our communal fellowship. We come together with open minds and hearts in Christ to share in each other’s company. This informal dinner takes place at the volunteer host’s house. The host provides the main dish and drinks while others bring side dishes. It is the responsibility of the host during the preceding week to call those participating, confirm place and time, and to suggest a side dish to bring.

The continued strength we’ve seen in the number of participants demonstrates the popularity of this ministry. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; our congregation is really enjoying themselves with this ministry and it fits well with our busy lifestyles. It is wonderful to be able to see people at church each Sunday that are more than mere acquaintances, and it is a great way to bring newcomers into the fold.

Everyone will receive their schedules in the mail. For reference, the schedules and contact information are also all posted here on this web site. To access them, enter the the code, pictured below, into the box and click the “Go” button (this protects against automated webspiders from harvesting street and e-mail addresses for junk mail lists).

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