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Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Liberda Family Prayer Journal]]> 2013-04-19T23:33:44Z 2013-04-19T13:41:08Z PRAYER REQUESTS
  • We praise God for what he has done so far in this first year of our second term serving in Mongolia. As you pray for us, pray for fruitfulness and effectiveness in these ministries: biblical counseling ministries in Darhan and Ulaanbaatar, church leadership training, the Seed of Faith Mongolian church, the couple's fellowship, and the women's protection home.
  • Pray for our Mongolian team, that we will be one in spirit and purpose as we work together to advance Great Commission fulfilling church planting ministries in Mongolia.
  • Pray for the Mongolian church, that it will grow in health and strength.
  • Pray that our family will remain strong and fruitful, and that our children will adjust and thrive. Pray for us as parents to have wisdom to guide and nurture them.
Click for larger picture... [caption id="attachment_4385" align="alignnone" width="300"]Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_4386" align="alignnone" width="300"]Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar Spring Concert at the kids' school - American School of Ulaanbaatar[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4387" align="alignnone" width="300"]Malachi turns 14 on February 25th. Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4388" align="alignnone" width="300"]Malachi turns 14 on February 25th. Malachi turns 14 on February 25th.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4382" align="alignnone" width="300"]Isaiah turns 12 on March 5th. Isaiah turns 12 on March 5th.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4383" align="alignnone" width="225"]Mendee (on right) with her first biblical counseling trainee, Zayaa. Mendee is the new Mongolian  coordinator/counselor/trainer for our Ulaanbaatar counseling center. Mendee (on right) with her first biblical counseling trainee, Zayaa. Mendee is the new Mongolian
coordinator/counselor/trainer for our Ulaanbaatar counseling center.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4384" align="alignnone" width="300"]Lisa with Saihnaa, a young women Lisa worked with in Darhan in children's ministries, and continues to disciple  as she is a student in UB and a member of the Seed of Faith church. Lisa with Saihnaa, a young women Lisa worked with in Darhan in children's ministries, and continues to disciple
as she is a student in UB and a member of the Seed of Faith church.[/caption]]]>
Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Liberda - August News Letter]]> 2012-11-14T20:42:13Z 2012-08-02T22:17:28Z
  • Pray for us as we move into an apartment in Ulaanbaatar, our new city of residence for our second term in Mongolia. Our belongings are still in Darhan, so this will leave us disjointed for a time as we make this "move" upon our return.
  • Pray for us as we step into ministries similar to those we were involved with our first term, but in a whole new context. These will primarily include teaching and leadership training and family and counseling ministries.
  • Pray for our children as they adjust to a new school. This will be a BIG adjustment to a school in which their lessons will be in English but most of the student body is Mongolian.
  • Pray for safe and smooth travel and flexibility with whatever might come our way as we head to the other side of the world.
  • As always, thanks so much for your partnership and prayers! Check out our website at its new address for additional information and specific ways to partner with us through prayer, care, finances, short terms teams, and ongoing connectedness. Our website is now at this address (.com changed to ,info):]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Liberda Family Prayer Journal]]> 2012-11-10T02:20:49Z 2012-11-10T01:57:52Z LIBERDA FAMILY PRAYER JOURNAL_NOV 2012 (click on link)]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Jessie Gac's - September News Letter]]> 2012-09-09T12:45:43Z 2012-09-09T12:45:43Z
  • Spiritual Emphasis week- that Rosslyn takes time during the school year to focus on spiritual growth.
  • my small group of 8th grade girls that I'll get to meet with every day this week
  • the opportunity to fast and focus as a school
  • John's successful surgery
  • the opportunity to love and take care of Karen and Anisa
  • And join me in praying for...
    1. Spiritual growth during SEW and beyond
    2. Great group dynamics and sensitivity to the Spirit during chapel and small groups
    3. the speaker- that he would be clear, engaging, connect with our kids, and follow God well
    4. continued recovery for John after surgery
    5. wisdom and energy as I live with the Leonard girls
    Thanks! -Jessie]]>
    idacarrillo <![CDATA[Christian Education: Helping Parents Nurture the Faith of the Next Generation]]> 2012-09-03T22:34:47Z 2012-08-14T02:53:22Z Opportunities to serve within the Christian Education Ministries of Crossroads: AWANA (September through May) - Fun with a purpose to reach and train kids for Jesus Christ. Sunday School (September through May) - Helping children become so saturated with the Word of God that they treasure Jesus alone. Cross-Training (Throughout the Year) - Solid Biblical teaching for the children and a ministry to the parents. Nursery (Throughout the Year) - Ministering to parents by providing excellent childcare for their children.]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Liberda Family Prayer Journal - June 2012]]> 2012-07-03T14:38:40Z 2012-07-03T14:37:47Z
  • Pray for God's wisdom, direction, and supply through the next two months as we seek to resolve issues important for our return to the field.
  • Pray that through this delay and change of plans we would trust and lean on the Lord, and that we would experience the health and vitality we need for returning.
  • Pray for resilience and perseverance through the many adjustments we will be making as we transition away from home assignment.
  • Pray for wisdom and continuing fruitfulness for Bayanjargal and the counseling team in Darhan as their ministries expand, and pray for many to experience change and growth through these ministries.
  • ]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[July 2012 - Prayer Requests from France - Lel Fickett ]]> 2012-07-03T14:32:02Z 2012-07-03T14:30:54Z
  • We’re finishing up final details for our retreat this year. We have 40 people on the waiting list! We’re really wondering about the idea of starting a second retreat somewhere else in France (it’s still an unofficial idea, but who knows?). We could use prayer. Please pray specifically for our small groups, that the Lord will lead and that He will work deeply in the hearts of the ladies who attend; also that the Lord will especially help all the group leaders this year, giving them wisdom and ability to lead the groups in an effective way.
  • I’m beginning to make long lists and am trying to set days aside to get ready for my year in the States (I leave the 12th of July). I’d appreciate prayer. Several people have offered to help, and I think I’ll take them up on it. I’m trying to really fix my priorities.
  • Our evangelistic Bible study is going well. Please continue to pray for the Tunisian lady who is comparing Christianity and Islam. I spent an afternoon with her, talking to her about a book that she gave me that tries to prove the Bible is wrong. In the Bible study we point out clearly that Jesus is the only way. She takes notes, but always tries to find ways that Christianity and Islam are similar! Pray for conviction by the Holy Spirit.
  • I have two Americans who are coming to stay with me for a wedding we are all attending the 9th of June. The son of a Catholic couple I know is getting married. I don’t know these two girls, and I have no idea where they’re at spiritually, but I don’t think they are Christians. Pray that I will have chances to share with them.
  • In Him,  Lel Fickett]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Saracoff Newsletter Summer 2012]]> 2012-07-03T14:19:37Z 2012-07-03T14:16:02Z Saracoff Summer 2012]]> Robin Schoenborn <![CDATA[Website Content Manager]]> 2012-06-24T19:18:49Z 2012-06-24T19:06:07Z Our church is a busy place – something is always happening. One of the best ways of keeping people up to date is through our website (our church really uses this resource). It is also one of the ways we present ourselves to the world. We really need a Content Manager (CM). This ministry is for somebody who is disciplined. The majority of the work is posting and deleting items to the site once or twice a week. The CM also peruses the site once in awhile to check for errors and note where updates are needed. This may require soliciting the ministries for the needed text and pictures. Skills required:
    1. Familiarity with using a computer. Have you used a simple word processor? Do you use Facebook or other form based online services?
    2. Willing to learn the tasks required (training provided). You’ll be working with our webmaster Robin Schoenborn.
    3. Good communication skills.
    4. Attention to detail.
    No software needed (PowerPoint and Word are helpful, but not required). Contact Robin Schoenborn if you are interested, 695-9887.]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Prayer Ministry]]> 2012-06-06T17:30:10Z 2012-06-06T17:30:10Z ]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Mark and Kathy Eikost Prayer Requests]]> 2012-03-16T16:55:48Z 2011-03-29T11:42:03Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Mark and Kathy Eikost News Letter]]> 2012-03-16T16:55:23Z 2011-03-29T11:44:14Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Jessie's - News Letter]]> 2011-10-23T13:10:17Z 2011-10-23T13:09:47Z Bret Lockhart <![CDATA[Welcome Bret!]]> 2011-09-22T21:40:22Z 2010-07-04T17:17:36Z Adding a New Post
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    To view, delete, or edit your posts, click on Posts and hover your mouse over the post title of the post you want to address. The appropriate links will appear. You  may change a few profile parameters under Profile including your password. If you keep it to what I have given you or you tell me what the new password is, it will be easier to troubleshoot if I need to.]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Lel Fickett - Prayer & Praise]]> 2011-08-28T12:10:32Z 2011-07-18T18:19:08Z The theme was “Forgetting or confronting our past”. The messages from Joseph were very profound, and many women were touched concerning things in their past. For some, it was the realization of forgiveness that needed to take place, for others, it was family secrets that needed to be talked about because they were affecting family relations, or losses that had been denied and needed to be healed. There was a lot of sharing in the small groups, and the testimonies were very powerful at the end of the two and a half days. We had a special evening the second night to celebrate our 40th year of the retreat. We had a choir, skits, a dance (see picture above) and a short DVD tracing the history of our retreat. We ended with a fake cake that someone had made with 40 burning candles. The committee went up on the stage to blow the candles out. It was so wonderful to think about what God has done in the lives of women over the last 40 years. I would appreciate your prayers now as I prepare this week and next for our week-long course on inductive Bible study. We have 7 ladies coming (two pastors’ wives) It will take place from the 14th to the 21st of this month. In Him, Lel]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Diana Ulrich from Kosovo - Newletter]]> 2011-07-28T00:34:33Z 2011-07-28T00:34:13Z
  • 31 May - leave UK and enter CA
  • 5 June – Grace Chinese Alliance Church in West Covina, CA
  • 8-11 June – Attending ABBA love conference in Vacaville, CA
  • 12 June – Attending Bethel church in Redding, CA
  • 17 & 19 June – AGAPE Chinese Alliance in San Diego – Training and “speaking” (US)/ “preaching” (UK) J
  • 21 June – Longbeach Alliance in Longbeach, CA
  • 26 June – Wayside Chapel Community Church – (Stateside home church)
  • 3 July – Alliance Bible Church in Prescott, AZ
  • 10 July – Riverside Christian Alliance in Riverside, CA
  • 17 July – Glendora Alliance Church in Glendora, CA
  • 24 July – Wrap up at Wayside
  • 27 July – Leave CA
  • 28 July – arrive in UK (pray they let me back in!)
  • 30 July – 5 Aug New Wine Conference in UK
  • near 15 Aug – return to Kosova
  • Here is this update’s miracle testimony: My housemate was on a visit to CA a few weeks ago, while there she stayed in the room of a young man who was away on a short term mission trip. This young man is from Australia, just before leaving his home country to attend a school in Redding, CA, his computer, passport and money were all stolen. The church helped him to get another passport and replenish his money for school. The thing that bummed him out the most concerning his computer is that his whole Master’s thesis was on that computer and he didn’t have a back-up copy anywhere. After arriving to the states he was able to purchase a new laptop. The computer was brand new, never been used. One day, after booting up his computer, what should happen to pop up on the screen? ……. Yep!!!! His Master’s thesis! True story! God cares for absolutely everything we care about! There is NO loss in His Kingdom! God is sooooo good! Thank you again for standing with me, many blessings, Di]]>
    Leilani Christensen <![CDATA[Brad and Dorothy Wood Prayer Requests]]> 2011-07-27T12:43:18Z 2011-03-06T00:54:58Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Mongolia July/August Prayers & Praise]]> 2011-07-20T15:01:20Z 2011-07-18T19:11:40Z ?PRAY FOR CAMA MONGOLIA July/August 2011 Bernie and Renee Anderson - Ulaanbaatar Pray:
    1. That all four of us would maintain a consistent and passionate relationship with Jesus.
    2. For Jonathan as he works through the summer and prepares to return to Bible School this Fall. Pray for him as he adjusts to life in the US without his family.
    3. For Bernie, Renee' and Cori adjusting back to life in UB, unpacking and preparing for Summer and Fall ministry
    4. For the Crown College ICE team in July. Pray they'd experience all that God has for them in Mongolia.
    5. For Field Forum the first weekend in August.
    6. For the Church Leadership camp at the end of July. Pray that God would raise up Spirit-filled, Servant leaders who will lead the church with grace, power and gentleness.
    Jeremy and Renee Bergevin - Darhan
    1. Praise the Lord we are settling in our apartment in Darhan
    2. Praise Him for a ballet teacher for the girls for the summer
    3. Praise Him for protection and improved health the last few weeks
    4. Pray for the first Food for Work project to come to a strong finish the first week in July.
    5. Pray for the second project (reconstruction of church) to begin on schedule.
    6. Pray for workers willing to work for food!
    7. Pray for our house in the States to sell.
    8. Pray for the Shinchlel church on the outskirts of Darhan, for a moving of the Holy Spirit, and that the Lord would build His Church.
    9. Please pray for spiritual fruit--for Mongolians with hearts needy, softened, and ready to ASK, HEAR and RECEIVE the GOOD NEWS!
    Alison Dench - Darhan
    1. Praise for a great TOEFL course last month in Darhan - lots of new contacts. Prayer for the August TOEFL course in UB.
    Jeremy and Krista Fields - Hovd
    1. Please pray with the Fields:
    2. For peace as we pack up our house, wisdom as we release our ministries, and joy as we return to spend this next school year with our families and sending churches!
    3. Praise God for 2 water wells, and pray for His hand upon 2 more in July.
    4. Praise God for the Lains' new home, and pray for a breakthrough on a home for their fitness outreach (a proposal to the local school).
    5. For Zorigoo - a one-legged Mongolian brother in the Lord who hopes to teach and develop water wells in the countryside - and for Chevei, a struggling yet cheerful and open Kazakh gentleman who has been lame these last 3 years.
    6. For boldness in prayer, praise, and words about Jesus!
    Larry and Krista Lain - Hovd
    1. THE LORD'S PRESENCE. More Lord! We pray He would fill us to overflowing on all those around us during lots of transitions!
    2. MOVING to our new home. The family we bought our new home from is moving to Kazakstan but cannot leave until they receive their daughter's passport. They will remain in the home with us for a few days until they move in with some relatives at the end of the week. Please pray for continued friendships with this gracious family.
    3. FIXING up our house. Please pray as a small crew of 5 Kazakh guys break off existing mud and apply 4 layers of mud and paint the interior of our house and put mud and red bricks on the outside and install a new roof. Pray for opportunities to build relationships.
    4. PEACE in RELATIONSHIPS! Moving with deadlines is bringing up many cultural differences. Pray we can be full of peace and show love in the midst of misunderstanding and communication difficulties! Pray for understanding and supernatural language abilities.
    5. KIDS. Please pray for our kids adjustment to a new home and new friends.
    6. TRAVEL to Ulaanbaatar. We will be traveling to the capital at the end of the month to connect with the rest of our team and to change Eli's passport. Please pray we will be able to find a place to stay, ease with the Embassy and quickly receive his passport back, great time with our team, and funds for a short family vacation.
    7. ADOPTION. We praise Him for the patience He gives as you pray! There are still investigations being done to finish the paperwork in Ethiopia. Please pray that the courts will accept the gathered information and that all paperwork would be completed.
    8. Continue to pray for patience. We really want to go to Africa this fall so that we can bring her home before Christmas and before her 7th birthday in January.
    Jason and Ruth Lee - Ulaanbaatar
    1. Amaglant School and House Church are looking for more permanent place. We have to move again very soon. Please pray for wisdom as we seek an open "xasha" to set up our school.
    2. Please pray for the kids camp from July 4 to July 7.
    3. Please pray for our busy summer schedule. We want to glorify God and Him alone in all we do. Please pray for health and safe of our children and us. Let this summer be the time of growing (physically, spiritually, in all aspects of our ministry).
    Brent and Lisa Liberda - Home Assignment
    1. Pray for good visits with friends and family as we travel to Minnesota, New Mexico, and Colorado Springs through the end of July.
    2. Pray for our time at HAMS this month, that it will give us good insight into how to minister here in the States while we are here for the year, and pray for the kids as they stay with friends while we are away for the week.
    3. Pray for the kids as they make many adjustments and say hello and good-bye to lots of friends and family. Pray that they will be well prepared for attending a new and different school. We are blessed that they will be able to attend a Christian school, but it will be very different from what they’ve been accustomed to for the past four years at the MK school in Darhan.
    4. Praise and thanks for all your prayers! We have a place to live for the year, a car, and a school for the kids. These were all uncertainties a month ago. God is faithful to provide abundantly above what we could ask or imagine.
    5. Pray for Brent as he prepares for a missions tour starting mid-September in the Central District.
    Richel and Melody Maraat - Ulaanbaatar
    1. Thank God for answering our prayers for our son Adrian. He is now enrolled in a university here in Bacolod City, Philippines. The Lord has graciously provided a place for him to stay and has also provided for his school fees for the first semester.
    2. We praise God for a fruitful time home. God gave us opportunities to minister to our home church, to other churches and to share about what He is doing in Mongolia. We also thank God for time spent with family and friends and for moments of rest and recreation.
    3. We thank God that we have been granted a religious visa!
    4. Please pray for God's protection as we travel back to Mongolia on the 2nd week of July.
    5. As we go through another transition in our family life and ministry, please pray that God will work in each of our hearts and help us to grow deeper in our knowledge of Him.
    Dennis and Marilyn Maves - Ulaanbaatar
    1. Praise the Lord, we have received the renewal of our visa for another year.
    2. Pray for the short term team of 6 from CROWN College that will be coming in July.
    3. Pray for a fruitful time for them during their time with us.
    4. Pray for the church leaders camp that will be from July 27-30.
    5. Pray for our annual Field Forum, August 6-11. Pray that it will be a great time of spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment. Also pray for good times of strategic planning and training.
    6. Pray that we will continue to grow in our walk with the Lord in the midst of the busyness of these summer months.
    Nghia and An-hoa Pham - Darhan Praise God
    1. We praise and thanks the Lord for His guidance, protection, and abundant blessing to us during the past year while we were on home assisgnment. God truly has supplied all our needs, answered our prayer requests to the details, and restored our spirit and strength.
    Prayer Request
    1. Pray for our family as we will go back to Mongolia on July 7, 2011 . Pray that all our luggage, with medical supplies for the health project, will arrive with us safely, without any hassle at the airport.
    2. Pray that God will give us wisdom to plan how we will work with health project in this term. We will need to re-apply for medical license and permit to run the health clinic.
    3. Pray that we will get the favor from the authorities and able to get all the needed documents without much delay.
    4. Pray for our health. Nghia has a nagging cough for a few weeks now. He is getting better.
    5. Pray for a complete healing touch from the Lord.
    6. Josiah is looking for a part time job around La Mirada.
    7. Gabriel is teaching English in Taiwan this Summer until the end of August. He will be a sophomore at Biola University this fall.
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Prayer Requests and Praises from Mongolia]]> 2011-07-20T15:00:43Z 2011-07-13T23:10:07Z PRAY FOR CAMA MONGOLIA JUNE 2011 Bernie and Renee Anderson - Home Assignment Pray for…
    • All four of us to have a consistent, fervent walk with Jesus.
    • Jonathan, as he seeks the Lord’s direction for his summer work and living situation
    • Our family and we prepare for our return to Mongolia on June 24th. Pray for this transition, as Bernie, Renee’ and Cori will be returning and Jonathan will be staying in the US to work and attend school.
    • Spirit-filled Mongolian leaders who will serve the church with strength, humility and gentleness.
    Jeremy and Renee Bergevin - Darhan
    • Please pray for the Bergevins setting up our home in Darhan
    • Pray for us as we establish healthy and productive routines at work and home
    • Pray for protection against the enemy--physical, spiritual, emotional
    • Pray for produce! Fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the lives of our fellow believers here. Prayerful lives.
    • Pray for encouragement for the Shinchill church meeting in the village surrounding Darhan. We are looking to the Lord to do a new thing as we look to Him in prayer.
    Alison Dench - Darhan I praise God that so far 20 students in Darhan have signed up to take the TOEFL summer module (June 6-July 1) - and we still have one more batch of entrance tests to run. I pray for great relationships and good teaching methods to help them all progress. Jeremy and Krista Fields - Hovd Please pray:
    • for a fruitful summer break (with some continued studies), and our first garden in Hovd!
    • praise God for our first water well (for 2 widows), and pray for two more in June (for 2 more widows)
    • for a team prayer retreat (June 14-16 in Ulgii) to reflect, worship and listen to God
    • for unity and even joy in the Kazakh council as we prepare all documents and budgets for the cultural center
    • for regular as well as spontaneous opportunities to teach God's Word with boldness
    Karen Hessel - IWK teacher - Darhan Praises
    • The school year ended well. We had a fun trip to the museum and an afternoon flying kites!
    • I am grateful for all the ways God has helped me in my teaching the last 1 1/2 years.
    • I am grateful for how I have been blessed, loved, and encouraged by my Mongolia teammates. Thanks!
    • God would be preparing the next teacher.
    • God would help me to prepare things well for the next teacher.
    • God would prepare me for the transition back to the States. (I'm not feeling especially ready to leave or to be in the States again, so in need of lots of grace!)
    • God would help me to really keep my eyes on Him so that I don't miss out on the new things He has in store for me.
    • God would help me to be salt, light, and love to all those I will be around this summer.
    Larry and Krista Lain - Hovd 1. RELATIONSHIPS
    • Pray for ENCOUNTERS with the Lord overflowing into our Community
    • Pray for family and team relationships to grow as we have more time this summer (Kids are finished with school May 12th!)
    • Pray for Mighty Men’s classes in the evenings. It is planting season so many of the guys are really tired!
    • Pray for Women’s class in the mornings. Usually 3-5 women come to workout with Krista for a boot camp style aerobics class in our tiny room with limited equipment.
    • Pray for the other foreigners here in town that come and workout in the morning before the women’s class.
    • Pray for a potential partnership with a local school. They plan to start building a new basketball court, soccer field, bleachers and a fitness building this month. We are praying about providing equipment and in return using their space for our fitness club in the evenings.
    • Praise Him!!! Krista’s language teacher is professing faith and learning more everyday.
    • Pray for Krista as she hopes to disciple her this summer with hopes to start a study with other women as well.
    4. ADOPTION We finally got word from the orphanage director. Unfortunately, the director has been battling with the government on behalf of our daughter (and adoption in general). Although this has caused many delays, it seems that everything is panning out. There is still one more piece of paperwork that needs to be signed by the local government before our file is sent to the capital in Addis. Basically this means that we have no idea how long it will be before we get court dates. PLEASE PRAY! I am encouraged when I imagine angels charging down from heaven every time we pray on behalf of our daughter, Acacia, and all the other children in Ethiopia! Praise Him that He is a Victorious WARRIOR and He is sending Armies of Angels to fight injustice! (Isa 42) Jason and Ruth Lee - Ulaanbaatar
    • Please pray for Nicek Church will grow in Christ. Amaraa's friend, "Nayaa" is the leader of the church. She works as a cook at a construction company which requires long working hours. She was once a church leader many years ago, but stopped going to church because she was disappointed and hurt. Now, her calling is renewed and she wants to serve this body of Christ. Please pray for Nayaa that she will remain strong and obedient to God's calling.
    • Please pray for Amaglant School and house church to find a permanent site. When asked to move by a landlord, there is no legal protection for us to stay even with a signed lease. We started a Saturday prayer morning meeting. Please pray for more Mongolian prayer warriors to arise.
    • On June 11, six people from Leeward Alliance Church in Hawaii will come to Mongolia for five-day VBS at our CAMA Schools (4 schools around the city). Please pray for their safe traveling, smooth and easy entry into Mongolian airport and their health. We are expecting 60-70 children in three sites around the city. Please pray for safety as we travel from one end of the city to the other side.
    • Please pray for our house church leaders. It is very difficult to raise up faithful church leaders. Please pray for 1)Amaglant House Church - Ms. Degii and Miga 2) Nicek House Church - Ms. Amaraa, Nayaa and Dabka 3) Hani Material House Church - Ms. Little Yrnaa Zong Ail House Church - Ms. Big Yrnaa. Please remember their names in your prayers
    • Please pray for our busy summer schedule. We want to glorify God and Him alone in all we do. Please pray for health and safe of our children and us. Let this summer be the time of growing (physically, spiritually, in all aspects of our ministry).
    Brent and Lisa Liberda - Home Assignment
    • Praise the Lord, three weeks into home assignment in the US we have found a school for the kids, a home to live in (furnished!), and a vehicle to use, all starting in August when our summer travels are complete. Pray for the final details and arrangements for all of this that need to be made.
    • Pray for safety and strength as we visit and travel to a number of places in different states over the next two months. Pray that this will provide both good times with family and fruitful ministry in churches as we have opportunity.
    • Pray for us as we continue to adjust to life and ministry in the US.
    Richel and Melody Maraat - Ulaanbaatar
    • Please pray that God will grant us safe travel during our 3 months away from Mongolia.
    • Pray that God will give us opportunities to share about God’s work in Mongolia with churches and friends.
    • Pray that God will give us rest and meaningful times spent with family and friends.
    • Pray for our eldest son and his preparations for college — for wisdom in the choices he needs to make; provision of his needs; smooth adjustment to being away from his family.
    • Pray that through this transition, our whole family will grow closer to God and to one another.
    • Pray that God will grant us favor and we will be given a religious visa when we come back.
    Thanks for your intercession and God bless you all. Dennis and Marilyn Maves - Ulaanbaatar
    • Praise the Lord with us that one of our Mongolian friends prayed to receive the Lord last week. One of our Mongolian staff is now regularly meeting with her.
    • As of this month we now have renters in our home in Wisconsin.
      Here are some current prayer requests.
    • Pray that we will continue to grow in our intimacy and walk with the Lord.
    • Praise the Lord, Dennis had the opportunity to attend the Asian Lausanne Conference on Evangelization June 1-4, 2011 held here in Ulaanbaatar. Pray that the decisions and declarations that were made will impact Asia and specifically Mongolia.
    • Our first short term team is arriving from Hawaii this month. Pray for a fruitful time for them.
    • Some of our team members are beginning to return this month after their Home Assignments. Pray for the needed visas for them.
    Nghia and An-hoa Pham - Home Assignment Praise God
    • Praise God for a safe trip and a meaningful refreshing time at General Council from May 23-29 at Kansas City, Missouri. We also were glad to be able to meet some of our team members there, plus our regional director couple, representative of our partner churches, and many other brothers and sister in Christ.
    • Praise God that An-Hoa got her tooth fixed, and her screening colonoscopy test report were normal.
    Prayer Request
    • Pray for our preparation to return to Mongolia in July. We have begun the packing process and we are still looking for way to ship medical supplies ahead to Mongolia.
    • Pray for our visa application to Mongolia. We heard that it becomes more difficult to get the visa this year. Also please pray that Jubilee also will be able to get a resident visa in Taiwan so that she will not have to deal with the hassle to renew the visitor visa every 2 months as Gabriel had to do in the past.
    Marvin Pitman - Hovd
    • Pray for Kazakh language study and the continued learning of Kazakh culture.
    Pieter and Haniki Theron - Home Assignment
    • Please pray for our visa for the US, that we will be granted a visa for the year we will be at Simpson University in California. Pray that it will come through soon.
    • Praise for the time we can have with our daughters and family in South Africa. We realize now how much we have needed this time of rest after a long term.
    • Praise for positive results from our health check in Korea. We have a few small things we have to work on, but overall our results came out fine. Pieter has a follow-up consultation with the eye specialist, pray that the doctor will be able to treat the problem and that it can be healed.
    • Pray for us for safety while doing quite a bit of traveling in South Africa.
    Erik and Christina Wahlen - Ulaanbaatar Praise God with us for:
    • a Mongolian friend of ours recently came to the Lord!
    • the work of the Holy Spirit here in Mongolia.
    • His powerful working in the lives of the staff members at the Grain of Wheat Center.
      Please continue to pray for them!
    • the people who pray and give so faithfully in support of what God is doing in Mongolia.
    Please pray with us for:
    • a time of good rest and relaxation as we head off for vacation.
    • the Lord to continue to bring people into the Grain of Wheat Center. Pray that we, along with the staff, would be intentional in relationships and in showing Christ’s love.
    • God’s provision through the Great Commission Fund.
    • wisdom and discernment from the Lord as we have a very busy summer and fall coming up.
    Mark and Cinda Wood - Darhan Praise for a good month of May
    • Mark: Pray for good finish of school year and graduation July 3
    • Cinda: New conversational English class starts in 2 weeks
    • Praise for a new teacher, thanks for Karen Hessel's service
    • For God to raise up leaders
    • Wisdom in planning Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course for Mongolia
    Peter and Esther Yim - Home Assignment
    • Pray for all our children, for smooth transition. We will be in a Nyack Apt from the end of June.
    • Pray for Gombo and Sansar in Korea. They can have small Bible study group with other Mongolian workers while they are working in Korea.
    • Pray for our tour during home assignment.
    ---- Dennis and Marilyn Maves Home Phone: 976-11-322959 Office Phone: 976-11-326574 Cell Phone: 976-99397604]]>
    Leilani Christensen <![CDATA[Doug and Cathy Haskins News Letter]]> 2011-07-18T21:54:42Z 2011-03-06T00:22:20Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Doug and Cathy Haskins Prayer Requests]]> 2011-07-18T21:52:44Z 2011-03-06T01:50:41Z
  • Pray Doug and Cathy would hear the Lord's voice and be faithful to His call on their lives.
  • Pray for God's wisdom and strength for Doug and Cathy to wait upon the Lord regardless of circumstances. God has a plan and a purpose--God wants us to wait upon Him and allow Him to work things out according to His time frame.
  • Pray people are open to the gospel.
  • Pray people in the fellowship walk with the Lord and would grasp what it means to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.
  • ]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Brent and Lisa Liberda News Letter and Prayer Reqests]]> 2011-07-18T21:51:43Z 2011-03-13T10:05:05Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Jessie Gac New Letter]]> 2011-07-18T21:49:23Z 2011-04-03T00:56:31Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Prayer Requests from the Sarcoffs]]> 2011-07-18T21:48:55Z 2011-06-16T00:34:19Z
  • Arnulfo, one of our friends from way back when we worked with the little church in Grupo Mexico. His wife, Carmen, was one of the first women I discipled. He was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his spinal cord--they tried surgery but couldn't get it all. It's a cancer that doesn't respond well to chemo or radiation. He's been in the States so far but will be returning home on Friday. In a strange way, God is using this "tragedy" to unite his family, bringing all them closer to the Lord as well. He was presented with his hospital bill today...$150,000 US dollars! He has no insurance.
  • Chela and the community center and children of Carretas--I fear she's experiencing burn-out and the stress of seeing so many needs and not being able to meet them is wearing on her. She tries to provide meals for school children whose parents either can't or don't, but often she doesn't have the supplies she needs. Thank God for Panera bread who generously donate bread that we take down weekly--it feeds a couple hundred people! But they can't (and shouldn't) live on bread alone...
  • Pray for Javier Marquez, director of Esperanza Drug/Alcohol Rehab, as he travels across Mexico to help with a new center in Cancun. His wife Lydia was anguishing over a young American girl with heroin addiction who had just run away from the women's center. We met Desiree on Monday and by Tuesday she had fled. Pray for God's victory over these strongholds of Satan's (drug cartels, fear, violence, addictions) that are so very present here on the border--especially in the city of Juarez (across from El Paso).
  • Pray for our family as we take a couple of months to travel and see our son Ian in Indianapolis and friends and supporters across the Midwest. Pray we can line up many appointments with past, present and future partners in the ministry. We hope to come through Los Alamos on our way home from the Colorado wedding of Dennis Gucker (Ruth Dennis' eldest son) on July 16th. Will any of you be around??
  • That's it for now--many thanks for your powerful prayers. Is your meeting at Helen Barker's house? Please give her my love! Kathy Saracoff]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Jessie Gac's Praise & Prayer Requests]]> 2011-07-18T21:46:22Z 2011-07-10T00:25:18Z Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Jessie Gac's News Letter]]> 2011-07-18T21:45:43Z 2011-07-10T00:34:25Z youtube video on Karura's medical camp. It's pictures from last year's event, and it shows the local elementary school, some of the businesses involved, and lots of Kenyans helping Kenyans. Hope you're having a great weekend; I'd love to hear what's going on with each of you! -Jessie]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Dennis and Marilyn Maves June Prayer Updates]]> 2011-07-18T21:45:10Z 2011-07-10T20:32:58Z
  • Praise the Lord with us that one of our Mongolian friends prayed to receive Christ last week. One of our Mongolian staff is now regularly meeting with her.
  • As of this month we now have renters in our home in Wisconsin.
  • Here are some current prayer requests.
    1. Pray that we will continue to grow in our intimacy and walk with the Lord.
    2. Dennis will be attending the Asian Lausanne Missions Conference Jun 1-4, 2011 held here in Ulaanbaatar. Pray for these meetings will encourage Mongolian workers.
    3. Our first short term team is arriving from Hawaii this month. Pray for a fruitful time for them.
    4. Some of our team members are beginning to return this month after their Home Assignments. Pray for the needed visas for them.
    We are thankful for you and for your partnership in the gospel; for your faithful prayers for us, our work and ministry. Blessings, Dennis and Marilyn]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Greg and Kathy Saracoff Easter Newsletter]]> 2011-07-18T21:37:31Z 2011-07-18T17:57:38Z]]> Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Billy Heurta Prayer Requests]]> 2011-07-18T18:48:41Z 2011-07-18T18:48:41Z
  • Good health and strength as he travels many miles through remote rugged terrain to minister to village pastors.
  • Discernment in how to encourage the village pastors and help meet their needs.
  • Protection upon Billy and the pastors and their congregations from the drug wars that currently plague Mexico.
  • Softening of hearts to be open to receiving the gospel among the villagers.
  • Spiritual growth and firm foundation in the Lord for those who receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • The Lord’s provision for the needs of the people, especially those who suffered losses during flooding last year.
  • ]]>
    Victoria Priest <![CDATA[Brad and Dorothy Wood News Letter]]> 2011-03-19T01:10:47Z 2011-03-06T01:08:52Z